Betrayed by Blood, A Diablo Falls Paranormal Short Story

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Passion and prophecy collided from the moment Gwen met the vampire, Tyr.

The floodgates opened on her psychic gift revealing betrayal, death, and a beautiful future with the superhuman man who kidnapped but couldn’t seem to stand her. If she doesn’t tread carefully the worst could happen and she’ll lose her happily ever after.

When Tyr snatched Gwen off the street, bedding the frustrating woman was the last thing on his mind. Okay, maybe he entertained the masochistic notion but only a bastard would take advantage of the situation and he honestly had the best intentions. He can’t let her fall into the wrong hands. There are vampires who would enslave Gwen, using the prophetic visions in her blood to gain power. Her rare gift has already revealed there is a viper in his midst.

Will Gwen and Tyr discover who the traitor is in time, or will they be Betrayed by Blood?

Betrayed by Blood is the sequel to First Sight, a continuation of Gwen and Tyr’s tale.


First Sight, A Diablo Falls Paranormal Short Story

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It isn’t love at First Sight... or is it?

Sparks fly from the moment Gwen and Tyr meet. And as much as they both resist, there’s no denying their fate.

Gwen had no clue who she was tempting with her smart mouth and scathing glances. Tyr wanted to put the fiery human in her place. She was hard to ignore, even before he discovered the secret in her blood, a secret that could alter the balance of power among Vampires. Something had to be done to silence the maddening human.

Tyr was that pompous, over dressed man who frequented the bar. He had the sex appeal of a modern-day Norse god, but the personality of a Viking raider. It didn’t matter that Tyr radiated an unworldly power, Gwen refused to fear him. After all, he wasn’t the only one who was unique. And though he claimed good intention, his actions said otherwise. He'd regret abducting her. 

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