Tara's Big O, Anguis Defenders 2

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Nothing, would get between Tara and her Big O.

Ophidian rescued Tara from the catastrophe on Earth, except her alien savior was downright terrifying. The Anguis general was massive, had venomous fangs, razor-sharp spines on his arms and followed her like a predator lurking in the shadows. But O quickly grew on her with his kind gestures and sexy swagger. Just as Tara realized she was falling in love and decided to not return to Earth, everything between them changed. She should’ve known better. 

The Anguis mated on instinct  - not for love.

Amare for Tara snuck up on Ophidian like a punch to the gut. It was his duty to guard the tiny human female, the physician that saved half the known universe ¬ not rut atop her like a mindless beast in heat. There was no way he could let his hormones takeover. O had witnessed just how badly humans responded to the aggressive Anguis bonding. He’d never hurt Tara that way, she meant too much to him. 

It would take a trip across the universe and being repeatedly torn apart for Tara and Ophidian to finally find each other. But nothing, would get between Tara and her Big O.

In the meantime,

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